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Best International News Platforms for Latest Updates

by gerryywilson

If you are looking for a platform to learn daily news updates, you need a channel with a vast reach and reliable sources. Many of us don’t have time to read newspapers as we spend most of our time on screens. So, we need an online news platform that keeps us updated on current affairs from all around the world on phones and television.

But what about their credibility? For this, you need a platform that gives correct news and doesn’t spread fake information. So, we have a list of news platforms for you to get latest updates any time anywhere.

1.    BBC News

Without a doubt, BBC News is a number 1 news channel that has the largest audience from all around the world. In 2016 and 2017 the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) had an estimated 121 million viewers on a weekly basis, which grew with time. And now, they have 372 million weekly viewers from across the globe. Founded in 1992 by HM Government John Reith, the channel broadcasts new bulletins, lifestyle shows, interviews, political programs, documentaries, and more.

BBC News also has a separate platform for the Urdu speaking audience. This platform shows Urdu news updates and covers the news from all over the world. Aside from Urdu news updates, the BBC News is also broadcast in Arabic, French, Hindi, and 50 more channels.

2.    CNN

Cable News Network or CNN is one of the most recognized new channels for latest updates. It is cable and satellite news network and the first ever channel that provides 24-hour television news. Founded in 1980 by Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld, CNN has a strong viewership in over 212 countries. Its headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia, and New York. CNN broadcasts local and international news.

The popular cartoon channel for kids, Cartoon Network, is a sister channel of CNN. Apart from that, its other sister networks include TNT, HLN, Turner Broadcasting System Europe. It has a full-fledged website that can be accessed from any part of the world.

3.    Fox News

Fox News (FNC) is an American television news channel which was founded in 1996 by Fox Corporations of the 21st Century. Its headquarters is based in New York city, USA. It broadcasts news to approximately 85 countries and overseas territories across the globe. The channel has 17 million cable subscribers and in the late 2000s, Fox News became the top news channel in the USA.

Other channels of the network include Fox Weather, Fox Broadcasting Company, and more. Fox News Channel started off with the slogan “Fair and Balanced” which was introduced by its co-founder Roger Ailes while the network was being founded.

4.    Al Jazeera Media Network

Al Jazeera has gained massive recognition in the past couple of years. The channel started off with broadcasting Arabic news only as a satellite TV channel. It later progressed to a multi-media network that spread to the internet and multilingual TV channels. Al Jazeera has now become a global news organization with 80 bureaus all over the world.

Founded in 1996, the Qatari state-funded broadcaster is owned by the Al-Jazeera Media Network with headquarters in Doha, Qatar. The channel is known for professional reporting and maintains its editorial independence. The company has established 80 branches in every part of the world and won many awards including Prince Claus Award, Index of Censorship, and many others. The channel received massive viewership and popularity during the war in Afghanistan as it is the only channel that covers live wars.

5.    RAVA.PK

Founded nearly six years ago, Rava.pk is a fast-growing news website that covers a broad range of local and international news from both Pakistan and around the world. The website features news stories, editorials, trendy social media posts, well-researched articles on the latest political and economic developments, and more. Rava.pk engages the services of veteran journalists, an experienced team of subeditors, and news and feature writers who have worked with some of the country’s prestigious newspapers and media outlets.

6.    Euro News

Euro news is a European pay television news network. It is based in almost 155 countries as it is a multi-language news channel. The channel was founded by 10 different European public media. It is affiliated with SOCEMIE and covers a wide variety of news from international affairs to the latest updates and more.

Euro News was established in 1993 and its headquarters is based in Lyon, France. The channel shows the latest updates and headlines every 30 minutes and also has a free application for all Android and iOS users based in Europe.

The Bottom Line

These international news platforms are the finest source you can get for live updates on television and on the internet. You can switch to them at any time on your screen, especially when you are on the go and need to be updated with current affairs.

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