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Household income falling at fastest rate as UK savings rates crash

by etvuk

5+ Harsh Realities About Your Money – How to Profit and Protect Your Wealth From the Next Crash

If you’re sick of earning 1% a year on your hard earned savings, fed up of investing with “experts” that can’t beat a blind folded monkey and consistently lose your money but still charge you high fees or have tried a trading system, but failed miserably because it was too difficult, too complicated or just too time consuming… then read on. I am about to expose the secrets the professionals don’t tell you.

Let’s start with 7 Harsh Realities about YOUR Money

1.Leaving your money in the bank is costing you money, savings rates in the UK, Europe and US are at or near 0 and are not going to move any time some. The true inflation rate is moving higher.

2.All major currencies are being devalued in other words your savings are being stolen away from you and you will need to make more money just to stay still.

3. Investing in the stock market with a buy and hold strategy is over and has been for years. You would have been better off in cash or Bonds than buying and holding stocks.

4. 95% of professional market advisor’s make money from fees and don’t invest their own money in the products they sell. They also only recommend clients to buy and go long never to sell short.

5. The majority of those saving money in a pension plan or other managed investment product are getting a bad deal, in fact they would be far better off managing it themselves.

6. Those that have saved money, gone without and have been cautious over the last decade are paying for the buy now pay later spenders, credit card junkies and wasteful governments.

7. Those that still have a job or business will find that taxes will increase, regulation will increase and you’re going to have to work harder to earn less. You’re paying for the bailouts.

I could go one but you get the idea, times are changing and you need to adapt.

So against this background why can I still make money and how can you do the same?

1. By trading financial markets I can make money going from markets going up or down. I can even profit from a market or share going sideways.

2. Whilst the stock market gets the big headlines other markets such as currencies, commodities and bonds offer excellent opportunities to make and protect wealth.

3. Some of my biggest trades at present are not in the UK Europe or the USA, these countries have had their best years.

4. I don’t have all my money in one currencies or one country, many of the accounts I have are still paying 7 to 10% p.a interest and the currencies are appreciating against the pound/US$/Euro

5. I run a business with hardly any overheads, no employees, No boss and can be based anywhere in the world that has internet access.

6. I pay no tax on spread betting profits and other taxes can be legally minimized.

7. I am a multi millionaire drop out, I don’t go to meetings, don’t commute, I don’t speak to anyone I don’t want to, I spend all the time I want with my family not just a few hours at the weekend. My “working” week is around 4 hours.

Let’s face it you just sit and do nothing you’re going to end up poorer or you can take action and do someone to start building wealth and freedom whilst you still have a chance.

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