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Market Report: BT rallies to five-week high on bullish Broker Note

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Ways A Marketing Reporting Solution Saves Time and Money

Automating your marketing reporting, when used correctly, can be an amazing tool. It can allow a business with only a few staff members to run complex campaigns successfully, all while managing other aspects of the business. A marketing reporting solution is what makes this possible. If you are currently drowning in a multitude of different data points, analytics tools, and softwares, finding a single, unified reporting solution has many benefits.

1. Saves Time

The benefit of using a marketing automation software is that it enables the marketer to create multiple campaigns, complete with content, blog posts, and ads for those campaigns, and schedule them to be posted at some date and time in the future. So, rather than spending a little bit of time each day finding something to post to your blog or social media, you can create an entire month’s worth in one day, then set them to post at various times throughout the month.

2. Allows You to Make Impacts on Individuals

Yet another way that a marketing reporting solution can help you is to help you make a stronger connection with each one of your customers. Each one of your customers is unique, and depending on your product, will be purchasing for different reasons. A good reporting software allows you to segment your market into distinct categories based on any number of factors: needs, preferences, buying habits, or demographic profile. This allows you to send targeted messages to the different segments of your market.

3. Makes the Most of Your Human Resources

Another benefit is that a marketing solution can help your marketing team (even if that’s just you) make the most of their labor hours and be more effective. Since all reporting, and many of the marketing actions, are automated a single staff person can manage several complex campaigns, and can make connections with more customers, while still having more hours in the day for other tasks.

4. Helps You Promote a Consistent Message

Imagine a scenario where you are manually posting updates to Twitter, Facebook, your blog, or any other marketing outlets you may have. On some days, you may find you have plenty of time to find interesting, relevant topics to create content about and post to these outlets. On other days, other aspects of managing your business will take priority and you simply will not find the time. Yet, if you have your updates automated, your account will stay up to date and fresh with content, so visitors know that you are actively engaged in creating new content about their interests, needs, or passions.

5. Detailed Reporting

Marketing is primarily about making good decisions, and good investments of your marketing dollars in media and messages that resonate with customers and ultimately convince them to purchase your product or service. In order to make the best decisions with regards to these matter, you need quality information. A quality marketing reporting software will keep track of the performance of every message you send on any medium, and illustrate how it has a bottom line impact on sales.

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