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U.S. bans imports of Brazilian beef over safety concerns

by etvuk

Brazilian BBQ is something that must be tried if you’re a person who loves trying meals of different cultures. The Brazilian barbeque began countless years ago in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil. The Gauchos, also known as cowboys, created the Churrasco, which is another name for Brazilian BBQ. Initially, they used sirloin mounted on skewers for the barbecue, but soon after they occasionally used pork, lamb, poultry, and a variety of cuts of beef mixed in. You will find 5 things you didn’t know about Brazilian barbeque.

Secret #1: Don’t Eat Anything Else The Day of the Barbecue

Brazilian barbeques start about lunch time and go throughout the day. Because of this you shouldn’t eat anything prior. They go for so long because the barbecue is all about slow cooking and slow eating. The Gauchos allowed the outer layers of the meats cook, and once they had been cooked enough, they’d slice the portion off with their knives and eat it. They would then wait while the next layers of meats gradually cooked. The process was repeated until there was no meat left.

Secret #2: Large fires had to be constructed

Because a traditional Brazilian barbeque is a big deal, large fires had to be built to cook the large amounts of meat. The fire had to become huge to sufficiently cook the meals.

Secret #3: Use skewers in the ground

The Gauchos would push the tips of the skewers in the ground with a slight tilt in the direction of the fire. After that, the meats were placed on the skewers. Finding the perfect tilt is crucial to cooking the beef just right.

Secret #4: The fattiest part of meat is positioned at the top of the skewer.

The Gauchos positioned the fattiest parts of the meat toward towards the top of the skewer, so that the dripping fat would drip down towards the lower parts of meat and season them while it cooked. This really is very important to the flavor of the Brazilian BBQ.

Secret #5: The beef is not soaked in sauce.

This is probably a surprise. In a traditional Brazilian barbeque, the beef isn’t soaked in any sauce. All other meats, however, are soaked in marinades over night. The beef is seasoned with mashed garlic and coated with sea salt. In order to keep the beef moist, it is basted with a combination of water and sea salt.

In conclusion, now that you know the five secrets of Brazilian BBQ, you’re probably ready to have your own. You’ll be able to feel like you’ve gone back some hundred years in time to the Rio Grande do Sul area in Brazil. Perhaps, you may even wish to dress up as a cowboy when you eat to get the full effect of the barbecue.

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