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Video animation for successful marketing of your eCommerce business

by gerryywilson

Marketing is the most important aspect of any eCommerce business. To sell the product effectively animated video could be used to market it. With such efforts being made for attracting new consumers by comes, it is mandatory to create one to stay in the competition. Many of the people present online don’t like reading as there is plenty of content.

  • It holds the attention of the user
  • It simplifies complex topics
  • They are nostalgic
  • It provides entertainment
  • Power of video marketing
  • It is cheap
  • Effective for SEO
  • Helps in impressing the clients
  • It holds the attention of the user

It holds the attention of the user

It is hard to get the attention of internet users that are present online because the span to attract the user is very short. They go through diverse content that is present online. In between everything that they are checking online, an animated video can spark emotions in them. For example, google doodles have many good video animations that are attractive that can instantly hook the user.

It simplifies complex topics

By creating animated videos complex topics can be simplified and brought to life. The characters in the animated video can help in explaining the product or the concept behind it in a very effective manner.  Sometimes the ideas are complex and explaining them in writing could be difficult so using an animated video could be a perfect choice.

They are nostalgic

Everyone in their life has watched cartoons and can relate to the many time. When a person watches cartoons they get a flashback of their childhood and enjoy watching them. The essence of animated videos will not lose its charm. It is found helpful in bringing positive energy and filtering out negative emotions.

It provides entertainment

Animation is also a source of entertainment that people come for online. When a user comes online over the internet, there is a big chance that they are looking for some kind of entertainment. And your animated video can hook them for a long which will make them comfortable which will lead to getting more sales. If the entertainment factor is fully catered, the possibility of getting more sales is greater.

It is cheap

When it comes to marketing, many brands are skeptical about spending as it requires a lot of finance. And if the earning is less, spending has to less too. Animated videos are cheap to create because video production usually costs a lot.

Power of video marketing

It is estimated that internet video traffic will take over all the internet traffic in the world. As it captures the attent6on instantly, it will be the source of the first information in the world of the internet. Video caters to three areas that are entertaining, inspirational and informative. It is also estimated that two in three people will share a video if it is informative.  

Effective for SEO

Search engine optimization is an important part of any business that is present online. When a user searches for a business or company online, they only click on the sites that appear on the top. Google only gives top ranking to those sites that optimize the standards of search engine optimization. By adding these videos, the rank of the site can be improved. The more the number of people who visit your site, the more visible the site. It helps in increasing visibility.

Helps in impressing the clients

When business meetings are conducted, usually long presentations are shown to the clients. The clients often get offended and tired by the long presentation and lose focus. They are also less effective in conveying the message efficiently because of the loss of focus. But when an engaging video is added, it will hook the client for a long. 


Animated videos can help in engaging the consumers and client more effectively than any together traditional method. Nowadays people are looking at so many things online that they don’t have time for a lot of reading and their attention span is also less. To keep them hooked for longer is a difficult task but an animated video can make it easy. It has the power to break complex ideas into simple ones and helps them in getting an insight into the product and its usage with its benefits. It also improves the online presence of a brand by using techniques like search engine optimization. A consumer needs satisfaction before buying anything, and this is the perfect way to gain it.                 

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