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WannaCry ransomware attack: Ignore rumours, your ATM is safe for now

by etvuk

ATMs are a major part of the world we live in. They are a convenient tool to give you cash when you need it most. It is important to know the correct way to use ATMs safely.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are used by people who want to take money out of their bank checking or savings accounts when they are not in close proximity to a bank branch. ATMs can also be used to deposit money, but most people use them to take money out. ATMs can be found on streets, in busy shopping areas and inside places such as retail stores and markets. The larger the city you are in, the easier it will be to find one. Knowing how to use an ATM in the correct manner can help to save you a large amount of time when you need money immediately. Let’s take a look at how to use these machines:

1. Daily limit and fees

All ATMs have a limit to how much money you can take out each day. In India, this limit is usually Rs 10,000. If you need more, you can go to an ATM that is operated by a different bank. If you are using an ATM for your personal bank, there will be no fee. If you use a different bank’s ATM, they will charge an additional fee that will be shown on the screen during your transaction. You must approve this fee to get your money. These fees will vary depending on which bank owns the ATM.

2. Begin transaction

Insert your bank card into the slot on the machine. Most ATMs will require you to remove your card before continuing. However, there are older ATMs in India that keep your ATM card in the machine until the transaction is completed. After you put in your card, you have to type in your PIN number. If you typed your PIN correctly, you are presented with a menu of choices. Some ATMs use a keypad while others use a touchscreen. Type in the right information to tell the ATM what you want to do. Along with making deposits and withdrawals, you can also check the balance of your accounts and transfer money between your accounts. It should be noted that not all ATMs are equipped to accept deposits.

3. Safety

Safety should be a major concern when using any ATM. Before taking your card out of your wallet or purse, make sure there are no suspicious people standing nearby. Criminals will often wait for people to take money out and then try to steal the money. Whenever possible, only take money out of an ATM in the daytime or in an area with proper lighting. You should also look behind you to make sure nobody is watching as you type in your PIN.

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